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How do I integrate Review to my layout

To integrate the review module within Invite login layout you have to fulfill REVIEWS OPTIONS section in your layout options.
Most importantly you need to fill the review's module id field, whom is the link between your layout and the module.

To fetch and add that id:
  1. add the review feature to your app, if you haven't already (editor > features > integration > review)
  2. edit your review page (in your app feature's list)
  3. copy the id written just after Review module's id:
  4. edit your layout (editor > design > layout options)
  5. paste the id into review's module id field
  6. set Display review to Yes
  7. save the layout option

Now once you are logged in your app, you should see the content of your review feature just bellow the menu

Note: For now review module can only be integrated to Invite login layout

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Last Updated 4 years ago